Don’t look now, but the holiday season has just turned the corner and is making its way up the driveway. Although there are people who are naturals in the art of gift-giving, for others, the prospect of what to get our loved ones for joyous occasions is dumbfounding. Whether it be for a family member, partner, or friend, an Alaska fishing trip is something that any angler won’t soon forget. Not only will you be granting them access to some of the best fishing in Alaska, but you’ll also be giving them a life-changing experience to check off their bucket list. So whether they decide on a self-guided adventure or taking advantage of our world-class fishing guides, Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge in Sitka, Alaska, is sure to leave a lasting impression and possibly change the way they look at fishing forever.

An Exemplary Sitka Fishing Lodge on Middle Island

Our guests’ primary objective is an Alaska fishing trip; however, there is more to do here than chasing salmon, halibut, and rockfish. As much as we appreciate our visitors’ dedication to angling, we encourage them to explore nearby Sitka, Alaska. For a town of less than 9,000, this vibrant seaside community has eclectic art and culture, a remarkable history, and impressive dining options, not to mention the plethora of activities for wildlife enthusiasts. What’s more, Sitka also has a wide variety of specialty shops and galleries for those who’d like to take something back with them besides filets and a t-shirt. Either way, visitors are fascinated at just how many ways they can maximize their Alaska fishing trip. Furthermore, Big Salmon Lodge offers exquisite on-site dining, luxury accommodations, and an abundance of native wildlife.

All-Inclusive Fishing Trips to Sitka, Alaska

A wide angle shot of Sitka, Alaska.The goal at Big Salmon Lodge is to provide an unforgettable Alaska fishing trip, no matter the budget. With all-inclusive packages starting at affordable rates, there’s no reason you can’t give the angler in your life something to remember. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit us online or call 907-290-7030.