Talk to just about any avid angler, and they’ll tell you there is an abundance of fishing lodges in Southeast Alaska. As such, figuring out which one best fits your style can sometimes be a daunting process. What are the nearby towns? How many people will be there? Is fish processing part of the package? These are just some of the questions that many will be  asking themselves as they determine the best landing pad for their Alaska fishing vacations. Thankfully, Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, just outside of Sitka, offers a whole lot of everything.

Alaska Fishing Vacations | Defining Excellence in Sitka

There’s no denying that there are plenty of good fishing lodges in Southeast Alaska, but you’ll want something extraordinary for your angling excursion. Naturally, the first question you may expect as you’re planning your Alaska fishing vacation is, “How’s the fishing?” Well, to say that the fishing is good in Sitka is undoubtedly an understatement. For decades, anglers have come to Sitka to enjoy some of the highest catch rates for kings, coho, and halibut in the region. And our off-grid family-run lodge is right in the thick of it. At Big Salmon Lodge, you don’t have to deal with tourists and traffic. All you need to concern yourself with is enjoying the scenery and making unforgettable memories.

Why Choose Big Salmon for Your Alaska Vacation?

From the minute you arrive at Sitka, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Whether you want to learn from a local master or go out on your own, Big Salmon offers a bevy of advantages over several other outfitters, lodges, and guide services. Here are some things to consider for your Alaska fishing vacation that separates us from the rest:

  • As mentioned, Sitka has some of the highest catch rates in Southeast Alaska.
  • Alaska Airlines operates commercial service with several daily flights from the lower 48, so getting here is more accessible than most places in the state.
  • The highly abundant fighting salmon that meander through our waters are considered the best table fare.
  • Sitka, Alaska, offers a plethora of species, including kings, cohos, rockfish, lingcod, and giant halibut. Catching multiple types of game fish in one day is not an uncommon occurrence.
  • We’re close enough to Sitka to enjoy a day trip but far enough to escape the crowds and immerse yourself in The Last Frontier’s serenity.
  • We offer only the finest charter, lodging, and dining experiences.
  • We only cater to eight to ten guests at a time, making you much more than a face in the crowd. It’s our privilege to host you.

Alaska Fishing Trip Packages in Sitka | The Best of Both Worlds

No matter your budget, we strive to deliver the perfect Alaska fishing vacation by creating a wide variety of packages that include lodging, meals, airport pick-up, fish processing, and more. Having a place to call home as you seek highly coveted game fish is just the tip of the iceberg. With a 2,00 square foot lodge, waterfront cabins, and hearty meals, you won’t exactly be roughing it at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, but you’ll still be in the rugged backcountry. For more information or to book your stay, please contact us online or call 907-290-7030 today.