alaska resortsWe’re eagerly counting down the days until this summer’s much-anticipated fishing season here at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge. May’s arrival has brought warm temperatures, budding forestry, and the return of majestic wild animals to awe-inspiring Middle Island near Sitka, Alaska. We’re one of the only Southeast Alaska resorts to provide anglers with all-inclusive, self-guided fishing trips that start at just $1,295 per person! While our professional staff also leads guided charters daily, we specialize in offering experienced anglers with once-in-a-lifetime self-guided trips that are equally challenging, rewarding, and utterly unforgettable.

Self-Guided Fishing Trips

For those who’re planning on exploring the protected waters of Sitka Sound on a self-guided excursion, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with jaw-dropping beauty, a peaceful environment, and world-class salmon, halibut, and rockfish fishing. All of our fully-fueled, 18-to-20-foot boats seat up to four anglers comfortably. Unlike many nearby Southeast Alaska resorts, we have a lengthy private dock located a couple of steps from our fishing lodge. You can hop aboard a state-of-the-art boat without having to arrange shuttles like you would in Sitka and other Alaskan communities. As mentioned earlier, each boat has a full tank of gas upon departure, but you’ll be required to refill the tank before retiring for the day. Thankfully, there is a fuel depot located three miles from the lodge!

All-Inclusive Package Perks

To ensure that each guest’s visit is nothing but flawless, we have pieced together all-inclusive fishing packages that start at just $1,295 per angler. Here’s a short list of the many complimentary perks that enhance the overall experience here at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge:

  • alaska resortsLodging
  • Unlimited fishing
  • Three meals daily
  • All tackle, bait, and fishing gear
  • Fish processing
  • Airport pickup
  • Boats with state-of-the-art electronics and safety equipment
  • Crab and shrimp pots available when in-season

Sitka Fishing

Sitka Sound, which surrounds breathtaking Middle Island, is home to all five species of saltwater salmon, including massive kings, feisty silvers, and rich sockeyes. These protected waters are also teeming with barn-door halibut and a wide variety of colorful, surprisingly delicious rockfish! At various times throughout the summer, you might be able to hook a prized fish from our lengthy dock. Sitka Sound remains one of the best-kept secrets as there are very few Southeast Alaska resorts in the area, thus creating peaceful, uninterrupted fishing possibilities for approximately 14-18 hours per day.

Each day’s haul will be meticulously filleted, vacuum sealed, frozen, and packaged for your return journey. Besides world-class self-guided fishing trips, you’ll also discover majestic wildlife, first-class amenities, and unbeatable rates here on Middle Island. To learn more about Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, one of the newest oceanfront Southeast Alaska resorts, please give us a call today at 1-907-290-7030.