We may have just turned the page to 2020, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not already daydreaming of trolling in the secluded, protected waters of Sitka Sound. Not only is Middle Island surrounded by a shimmering, azure blue ocean and nearby misty mountains, but the underwater creatures found in these parts are wily, sizable, and abundant. Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge is the newest all-inclusive fishing option in Southeast Alaska. We offer newly-renovated lodging, top-of-the-line culinary treats, and, of course, self-guided Sitka Alaska fishing charters. Whether you’re a skilled angler looking for the challenge of a lifetime or a beginner hoping for some expert guidance, you’ll find a new home away from home here along the north end of jaw-dropping Middle Island.

Self-Guided or Guided Sitka Alaska Fishing Charters?

Sitka Alaska Fishing Charters

The best Sitka Alaska fishing charters all share three things in common: flexibility, affordability, and guaranteed hauls. We refuse to put restrictions on groups, which is why we’re one of the only salmon fishing lodges in the country to offer self-guided trips. Not only do self-guided Sitka Alaska fishing charters help save thousands of dollars per angler, but they’re perfect for repeat visitors who know the land. That being said, guided trips start at just $2,595. Yes, you read that right—four nights and three days of fishing costs less than $3,000! You simply won’t find that anywhere else. Depending on the month, you’ll likely target all five species of saltwater salmon, barn door halibut, and a wide variety of colorful rockfish.

10 Things to Know About Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge

While the fishing season is still a handful of months away, there’s no better time to bone up on our amenities, packages, and other necessary factoids. By now, you know all about our pleasingly affordable Sitka Alaska fishing charters. However, we’re so much more than just a world-class fishing lodge. Below you’ll find 10 unique things to know about our little slice of heaven here on Middle Island:

  1. Fishing packages range between $1,640 and $3,795, depending on the length of your stay and requested guiding services
  2. All meals are included
  3. We’ll clean, process, and ship your catch
  4. We also take care of the airport pickup
  5. Save an additional 10 percent on early season trips between mid-May and mid-June
  6. The post-fishing dinner and communal campfire is often just as memorable as the time at sea
  7. Spending an afternoon in Sitka before your return flight is a must
  8. There will be ample opportunity to spot whales, sea otters, and sea lions
  9. Our 2,000-square-foot lodge, complete with a woodburning fireplace and flatscreen television, is the perfect place to relax after an unforgettable day at sea
  10. Most Sitka Alaska fishing charters boast unrivaled catch rates

To learn more about our secluded fishing lodge or book a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, please give us a call today at 907-290-7030.