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1502, 2019

Premier Alaska Resorts: Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge

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We may be several months from the start of the upcoming fishing season here in Sitka, Alaska, but reservations are already filling fast! Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, one of the newest Southeast Alaska fishing lodges, is perfectly located on the north end of Middle Island, a genuinely breathtaking slice of Alaskan wilderness.

2401, 2019

World-Class Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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Fresh snow has blanketed beautiful Middle Island with winter officially arriving here in Sitka, Alaska. As families open presents near crackling fireplaces, we’re meticulously planning around the clock for next summer’s fishing opener. No family getaway on Earth rivals salmon fishing in Alaska.

2412, 2018

Saltwater Fishing Trips in Sitka, Alaska

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As our name suggests, the cool waters near Sitka, Alaska, are renowned for their monster salmon. Some of the best fishing stories here at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, however, have involved mammoth halibut, colorful rockfish, and terrifying lingcod. Not only do these wild Pacific species tip the scales (especially halibut) but they all make delicious table fare.

2411, 2018

What Makes Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge so Special?

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As we swiftly approach a new year, our staff continuously prepares for the highly-anticipated upcoming fishing season. 2019 will no doubt be a banner year here at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge as our reputation continues to grow among Southeast Alaska anglers. We’re one of the only Alaska fishing lodges within 100 miles to undergo a complete renovation recently.

2306, 2018

Eagle Eye

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Eagle Eye Look at this Eagle sitting outside the Lodge while grilling Salmon Steaks for the guest during their stay at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge. Just a few things you can expect to see while staying here. Looks like he is waiting on something to drop. love seeing wildlife and nature out here on the island.   

2306, 2018


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Cabins Coming along on the remodeling of the cabins, here’s a picture of what you can expect at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge during your stay here.

2306, 2018

Salmon Fishing

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Salmon Fishing The King Salmon are starting to come in more the last couple weeks and the Cohoe Salmon are starting to come in as well.  Book your trip now to experience the ultimate fishing adventure.

1506, 2018

Self-Guided Fishing Boats

June 15th, 2018|Categories: Boats|

Self-Guided Fishing Boats Check out the Raider Boats at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge for the self-guided fishing trips, equipped and ready to go.