Fishers across Alaska are enjoying the remaining weeks of Alaska’s fishing season. Fishing in the fall is especially enjoyable because of the beautiful scenery. The fresh, cool air and electric yellow leaves are second to none. At Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, we take fishing to the next level by offering guests fully guided and self-guided fishing trips. Coho Salmon are starting to reemerge, so the time for fishing is now!

Guided Fishing Trips

Our guided fall fishing trips are on boats ranging from 24-30 feet in length. All ships have enclosed cabins and indoor seating for a comfortable journey to the fishing grounds. Also, the boats are stocked with the latest fishing gear, electronics, and safety equipment. The fishing trip guides are all licensed captains by the state of Alaska and certified by the USCG. Along the way, the guides will tell you which technique is best to use for the day. The guided fishing trips last about 10 hours. 

Coho Salmon

The first Coho Salmon (AKA silver salmon) start to pop up in August, and by September, Coho Salmon fishing is in full swing. Many of our guests say that this silverfish is their favorite type of salmon. Coho Salmons’ size, fighting style, and willingness to fly makes them the perfect fish to catch on a fly rod. Coho Salmon are responsive to many different groups of flies, so for a successful fall fishing trip, come prepared with a wide variety of flies. For example, topwater patterns, like Popper Wogs; streamers, like Chartreuse, White Clouser, and Pink Half-n-Half; and dead-drift flies, like Hareball Leeches and Coho Kryptonite. 

Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge

After a long day on the water, head back to our fishing lodge for a night full of relaxation. No need to get your hands dirty, our onsite fish processing will prepare your lunker for you!  However you choose to fish in Alaska this season, we wish you a freezer full of fish and a happy winter ahead. Book your fall fishing adventure by visiting our website or talking to our friendly staff at 907-290-7030.