While many of our visitors arrive in the summer, fall fishing in Sitka, Alaska, offers some of the best silver salmon and halibut angling in the state, if not the world! On top of that, king salmon will still be available as well, supplementing an already extraordinary experience. Despite peak season occurring during the summer months for many fish, there is always an abundance of highly coveted species targeted until the Alaska fishing season ends. Today, we’d like to share with you the benefits of planning a late-season fishing trip.

Fall Fishing Equals Comfy Climates and Fewer People

Although the temperatures don’t usually become exceedingly hot in Alaska, the cooler autumn weather leads to even more comfort and nearly zero mosquitos and other pesky insects. Adding to the intrigue of fall fishing is the noticeable decrease in tourists and other anglers. As much as we appreciate the myriad of outdoor activities available in our slice of paradise, our guests are focused on landing fish, and autumn promises to provide tranquility they deserve. Whether you choose a guided outing or decide to go on your own, you’ll find great joy in Sitka Sound’s productive waters.

Alaska Fishing Season: Late Season Targets

Thanks to mindful conservation practices and an ideal location, Sitka, Alaska, offers enthusiasts an unforgettable chance to make the catch of a lifetime. Silver salmon, also known as coho, grow at an accelerated pace towards the end of their lives, meaning the same fish that weighed seven pounds in the summer could reach nearly 20 in the fall! As for the world-famous kings, though their primary run has been over for months, it’s not uncommon to catch a few while fall fishing. And you’re in for a treat because these massive salmon can reach up to 50 pounds during the late season. Last, but certainly not least, halibut will be found in very high abundance, providing a rewarding challenge full of exhilaration and vigor. 

Alaska Vacations on the Sitka Sound

Fall fishing in Alaska has proven time and again to be a bountiful endeavor for those fortunate enough to make the late-season voyage. As the temperatures begin to wane and the crisp air makes its descent onto the iconic alpine forests, the leaves will transform from green to a brilliant assortment of reds, yellows, and oranges, creating an immersive experience like none other. With fewer crowds and fewer anglers, there is something to be said about the profusion of serenity fostered by a late-season fishing trip. For more information or to book your Alaska vacation, please reach out online or call 907-290-7030. We look forward to meeting you!