fishing activitiesThe much-anticipated summer fishing season has officially begun here in jaw-dropping Sitka, Alaska, one of the last remaining hidden gems in The Last Frontier. Anglers from across the globe escape their hectic daily schedules for a full week of world-class halibut and freshwater salmon fishing near the shores of serene Middle Island, home to Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge. We’re one of the only Southeast Alaska fishing lodges that offer self-guided trips in the vast Pacific Ocean, which is an alluring draw for expert anglers. One of the primary reasons that anglers choose our fishing lodge (besides that fact that Sitka Sound has some of the best catch rates in the state) is our daily dining service. The best way to commemorate an unforgettable day at sea is with a hot, tasty seafood dinner! But prospective guests often ask us about potential after-dinner fishing activities. While there are several on-site activities that guests can try after a hearty meal, we recommend relaxing on our expansive property while the sun subtly dips below the mountains.

Top 5 After-Dinner Fishing Activities on Middle Island

To ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime fishing adventure to Sitka, Alaska, is nothing short of flawless, we’ve compiled five of our most popular after-dinner fishing activities based on personal experience and guest feedback.

  1. Fish from the Dock – After polishing off a plate of grilled, fresh-caught salmon, vegetables, and rice, many anglers don’t waste much time heading down to our dock to throw a line into the sound. Don’t be surprised if you successfully reel in a sizable salmon or rockfish from our lengthy dock during your relaxing twilight endeavor.
  2. fishing activitiesPrepare for Tomorrow’s Trip – Most guests choose our inexpensive, self-guided fishing trips because they allow an avid angler to challenge themselves while simultaneously admiring Southeast Alaska’s awe-inspiring beauty. There are several areas on the property, including the patio, dock, and lodge, where you can tie knots, check your lines for nicks, read maps, and organize tackle.
  3. Share “War” Stories – One of the most popular after-dinner fishing activities here at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge is the collective sharing of the day’s events between anglers. You might not be planning on making new friends during your midsummer visit to Middle Island, but the community atmosphere beckons guests to open up about their best battles, largest hauls, and near misses.
  4. Scroll Through Photos – Sifting through the week’s photos is one of the most common after-dinner fishing activities for those who’re nearing an end to their trip. It’s an easy way to recollect amusing or exciting moments. Typically, every group of anglers has someone who becomes an impromptu professional photographer. Going through these photos together before the end of a trip will inevitably lead to discussions about next year’s fishing adventure to Middle Island!
  5. Play “Go Fish” (or Another Card Game) – Grab an ice-cold beer, shuffle a deck of cards, and play an entertaining game of Go Fish with friends new and old. Playing cards is a common way to relax (or pass the time) for anglers, especially for those who’ve tried their hand at ice fishing. We learn new, inventive card games from friendly travelers every summer.

Premier Sitka Fishing Charters

Before boarding a plane headed to Southeast Alaska, we recommend also reading about wildlife viewing, saltwater fishing, and the top seven things to do in Sitka, Alaska. Three of our favorite attractions near downtown Sitka are Fortress of the Bear, Baranof Island Brewing Company, and Sitka Tours. The time to book a fishing trip to Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge is closing as we approach the heart of summer. There’s still limited availability, so act fast! For more information on fishing, lodging, and packages, please visit our website.