The changing leaves and dropping temperatures are a real sign that summer in Alaska has come to an end. Unlike other parts of the world, Alaska’s fishing in the fall is often successful. September is usually the last opportunity of the year to fish for Coho Salmon and halibut, but just the start of steelhead and trout fishing season. For anglers, catching a Coho Salmon during the autumn months is considered a trophy prize. Our professional Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge staff will help you catch these salmon on our offered guided fishing trips. Or opt for a self-guided trip. Either way, you’ll make lifelong memories with your loved ones. 

Fishing in September

In our opinion, some of the best fishing trips are taken in the fall. Fishers typically catch Coho Salmon and King Chinook that weigh between seven and 12 pounds. Although, these fish allegedly grow one pound per week during the summer months. This means that if you go fishing in September, you’ll catch a bigger version of the same fish that someone caught a few months earlier. September fishing conditions are similar to those seen in May. The reduced fishing activity and low pressure lead to successful fishing trips. If you’re interested in catching Coho Salmon and bottom-feeding fish such as Halibut, Lingcod, Blackcod, and Rockfish, fishing in September is the perfect vacation for you!

Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge

Will you be the next lucky fisherman to catch a trophy Coho Salmon? There’s only one way to find out! Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge is now taking reservations for our fall fishing season. You and your loved ones will enjoy the authentic Alaska lodging experience that we have to offer. Our 2000 square-foot bridge is dressed with bear rugs and mounted animals such as fish, moose, and deer. End your exciting day of fishing by relaxing next to the wood-burning rock fireplaces. It’s the perfect setting for a fall vacation! Last call anglers, this is your chance! Book your fall fishing vacation today but visiting our website, or calling us at 907-290-7030.