Here at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, we do things differently than other lodges in Sitka, we offer our clients the ability to book fully guided and self-guided fishing trips.

Self-Guided Trips

Docked fishing boat.Taking place inside the protected waters of Sitka Sound, our Self-Guided fisherman can always find some calm waters to fish if the weather is not cooperating. You can catch all 5 species of salmon in addition to halibut and rockfish. Sitka Sound is a huge body of water that our self-guided fisherman have access to, at certain times of year you can catch fish right off the dock other times you may have to travel further away from the lodge to find the better salmon fishing. Halibut and rockfish can also be found throughout the sound.

We have 2 self-guided boats that are 20-21 foot in length with Alaskan Bulk heads and windshields, they can fish up to 4 fishermen comfortably.  These boats have all necessary fishing gear, tackle, electronics, and safety equipment that is needed. All boats have a full tank of gas prior to you starting your fishing adventure*. Customers are responsible for maintaining fuel during their trip and also returning the boat with a full tank of fuel at the end of their trip, there is a fuel depot 3 miles from the lodge.  Customers are also responsible for any lost and/or broken equipment, fishing gear etc…

Fishing Seasons and Regulations are subject to change and are set by the Alaska Fish & Game

Guided Trips

The boats range from 28-30 foot in length, they all have enclosed cabins and interior seating for a comfortable trip to the fishing grounds. All captains are licensed by the state of Alaska and certified by the USCG. The boats are equipped with the latest fishing gear, electronics, and safety equipment. These trips are generally 8-10 hours in length. You will be fishing for Salmon, Halibut, and Rockfish. The captain will decide what technique they will be using on that particular day. For Salmon, you will either be trolling, mooching or jigging. Once you have limited out on kings and silvers the captain will take you to one of his favorite Halibut holes. There you will be bottom fishing at depths from 200-400 feet. Most of the time the captain will use bait for Halibut fishing. The scent of the bait drifts through the currents and attracts the Halibut to your line.

Fishing Seasons and Regulations are subject to change and are set by the Alaska Fish & Game

We also have a private dock that is located just a few feet from the lodge, which makes it extremely convenient for our guest to go from the lodge/cabin to your boat in a few steps (no shuttle rides, no waiting on vans like you would in town).

Fish Types

Kings are the largest of the salmon species, fish over 40-50 pounds are not uncommon in Sitka waters, 25-35 pound fish being the norm. Deep cold water close to the coast line and the incredible number of bait fish draws large numbers of kings to the Sitka waters. These two factors also keep King Salmon here for a majority of the summer, May and June being the peak then late into August the numbers will slowly decline. Trolling, mooching and jigging are the fishing techniques that your captain will utilize.

Silvers start to appear in the Sitka waters in early July, numbers will increase throughout the month with fishing being excellent through august and most of September, 8-12 pound silvers are common early in the season as they feed heavily on bait fish 15-20 pounders are not uncommon. The last week of September and the beginning of October silvers will start to move into the bays as they get ready to start their spawning run into the rivers around Sitka.

Once again the geology of Sitkas coastline makes it a prime location for halibut fishing. Deep nutrient coastal waters and close proximity to spawning grounds draws large numbers of halibut to Sitka waters. 25-60 pound halibut are regularly caught (best eating size), some real barn door halibut are also caught each year going well over 200 pounds.

We also offer our guest the opportunity to fish for rockfish/yellow eye/lingcod. If you would like to target these fish we would be happy to take you to the areas that would be productive. Both rockfish, yellow eye and lingcod are excellent table fare.

Clothing & Packing:

Bring clothes for dressing in layers (gloves are optional). We provide raingear and boots. We suggest that you pack your clothes in carry-on bags so you can use your checked baggage allowance for your boxed fish on your return flight. Don’t forget your camera, hats, and sunscreen. Sitka is a tempered rain forest and it does rain quite a bit here, but the sun can be pretty powerful when you are on the water.

Sea Sickness:

Nothing can ruin your time on the water more than seasickness. Unless you are 100% certain that you aren’t the slightest bit prone, we suggest you visit your family doctor and get medication. You can get scopolamine in two forms: Transderm (the patch) or Scopace (pills). The patch has been around a long time and works well. There is over the counter medications as well but from our experience, they are of marginal value. Prescription medications, particularly scopolamine, work well.

If you would like to know more about our fishing opportunities or to book your trip, get in touch with us today.

*Self-Guided Customers are responsible for maintaining fuel during their trip and also returning the boat with full tank of fuel at the end of their trip.  There is a fuel depot 3 miles from the lodge.