It doesn’t matter if you’ve been salmon fishing in Alaska your whole life. No angler won’t benefit from a few tips and tricks for their favorite pastime. Even the most seasoned fishermen and women will tell you that there is no harm in reviewing even the most common techniques and guidelines. Although you’ll be receiving top-notch tutelage from the best Sitka fishing lodge, you may decide to go on a self-guided adventure, so having extra knowledge stowed away could be the difference between a good day and an excellent outing. An angler’s retreat isn’t always easy to come by, so why not maximize your efforts by taking in a few tips for salmon fishing in Alaska? Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge in Sitka, Alaska, offers contemporary lodging to match world-class fishing, so we know a thing or two about landing big ones.

The Best Salmon Fishing in Sitka, Alaska

By now, it’s no secret that Sitka, Alaska, has some of the best fishing in the state, if not the world! And the only thing to make it better is by taking advantage of our superior lodging options. With a bevy of packages and specials, we take pride in making all-inclusive Alaskan fishing trips affordable. Every package includes double capacity lodging, eight to ten hours of daily fishing, meals, fishing gear, airport pickup, and fish processing. There’s more than salmon fishing in Alaska, so when you’ve limited out on kings and silvers, you can navigate some of the best halibut holes for added excitement. In the meantime, here are ten tips for landing the biggest, most plentiful bounties. 

10 Tips for Salmon Fishing in Alaska

  • Make sure you have everything—even the most prominent items like lures, bait, rod, and line. Also, be sure to tie and rig your lines and leaders.
  • Sharpening your hooks is necessary, especially when catching as many salmon as people usually do in Sitka. Salmonids have very thick jawlines, so if your hook is duller than sharp, you’re going to lose more fish than you’ll want to admit.
  • Using a red fishing line is common because it’s the first color on the spectrum that dissipates underwater. The deeper the water, the less likely fish will see the red line.
  • Choosing the correct bait or will make a significant difference. The most crucial factor to consider is the more natural the presentation, the more likely the strike.
  • Adding something reflective to your set up can attract fish in deep, dark waters. Sometimes a supplemental flash can make all the difference.
  • Fishing on overcast days can give you a slight edge over your formidable challengers, but who are we kidding? Salmon fishing in Alaska is productive on bright sunny days too!
  • Use the drift technique by casting your line upstream and letting it flat down to a section you believe to harbor salmon. 
  • Fish with the tide flow if you are on open water. Salmon typically face the incoming tides and are more likely to see your presentation if you go with the flow.
  • Fishing during peak times kind of goes without saying, but it’s sometimes easy to forget the best times for salmon fishing in Alaska when you can’t stop catching them!
  • Using particular colors for your lure can be more effective depending on the water’s environmental variables and depth. For depths of 50 feet or more, you’ll want to use greens, purples, blues, UV, or glow lures. Bright colors like red, yellow, and orange will be invisible to most salmon at those depths but perfect for anything shallower than 50 feet.

All-Inclusive Alaskan Fishing Trips in Sitka

Patio with sea view.The journey to becoming an angling master can’t be complete without a desire to learn new techniques and continually brush up on old ones. Even then, you can only catch fish by going out and looking for them. You don’t have to be a seasoned fisherman or woman to enjoy yourself at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, but making the trip will go a long way in becoming one. To learn more about what it takes to go salmon fishing in Alaska, please visit us online or call 907-290-7030 to book a reservation.