Silver salmon, also known as coho, is one of the most highly sought sportfish when it comes to fishing in Alaska. As one of the most acrobatic of the five main species, these wily specimens put up one heck of a fight despite not being the largest of the salmonids. Their mild yet distinct flavor makes them delectable eaters, and their tenacity makes them one of the most exhilarating adversaries on the water. To assist with the battle, Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, out of Sitka, offers all-inclusive fishing trips to some of the world’s most productive fisheries. If self-guided trips are your preference, you can always find some calm waters to post upon and rest assured that you’ll be using some of the best gear and equipment available. Either way, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about your prey, and we’re here to help.

Types of Salmon in Alaska: Silver Salmon

The Alaskan silver salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch, roughly translated to hook nose) is a Pacific species that utilizes nearby freshwater streams for spawning from July to November, typically after excessive runoff. The females will dig a nest wherein she’ll deposit 2,400 – 4,500 eggs! After developing during the winter months, the eggs will not hatch until the following year’s early summer. While some fish will leave the river each spring and migrate back in autumn, others will remain in the river for up to three to five months before heading to the sea. These opportunistic predators will eat plankton and other aquatic invertebrates and other salmon eggs, but they mostly prefer squid and fish. Several variables warrant consideration when determining the best days to target coho, but one thing remains, gear and presentations are always essential factors to consider.

Sitka Fishing Charters at the Best Alaskan Fishing Lodge

Partially due to their willingness to strike, silver salmon remains one of the most popular sport fish in the Pacific Northwest. Every year, anglers from all over North America and beyond make their way to Sitka’s shores to experience the voracious nature and mouthwatering taste of world-famous coho. With contemporary accommodations, knowledgeable staff, and various amenities, Big Salmon Lodge is your basecamp for fishing in Sitka, Alaska. For more information or to book your stay, please contact us online or call 907-290-7030.