sitka fishing lodgesAs our name suggests, the cool waters near Sitka, Alaska, are renowned for their monster salmon. Some of the best fishing stories here at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, however, have involved mammoth halibut, colorful rockfish, and terrifying lingcod. Not only do these wild Pacific species tip the scales (especially halibut) but they all make delicious table fare. Our ten-hour Sitka, Alaska, fishing charters include several hours of king and coho salmon fishing, depending on the season, as well as deep-sea excursions in search of massive saltwater species. No other Sitka fishing lodges can match our incredibly low self-guided fishing trip rates. So, hopefully, you’ll be reeling in one of these delectable species next summer here on beautiful Middle Island.


alaska fishing lodgesOnly self-guided fishing boats are allowed in the protected waters of Sitka Sound. Other than the prime salmon fishing in Sitka Sound, anglers usually travel from across the globe to seek an elusive 200-pound “barn-door” halibut. We cannot guarantee your catch will hit triple digits as most halibut weigh in around 25-60 pounds, but our waters are famous for giant flatfish. Pacific halibut school in our deep, nutrient coastal waters because of Sitka’s proximity to several spawning grounds. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to enjoy a halibut dinner with fellow anglers in the dining hall here at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge. Each fishing package includes processing, so you’ll be able to enjoy halibut for months back at home. The peak halibut season runs from June through August.

Yelloweye Rockfish

There are over 100 rockfish subspecies in the ocean. Our protected, self-guided waters have several distinct subspecies, including the popular yelloweye. Yelloweye rockfish have a beautiful blend of red, orange, and yellow along their back and sides. They typically grow between 1-3 feet in length and are quite delicious, especially when seasoned with dill, garlic powder, and lemon pepper. Yelloweye can be caught 365 days a year up here, but they flock into our waters from June through August.


There are two lingcod seasons here in Sitka, Alaska: mid-May to mid-June and mid-August to mid-November. Admittedly, lingcod are one of the uglier fish in the sea, but they’re quite tasty. Some lingcod are actually beautifully unique, but these bottom feeders have sharp teeth, wide mouths, and a prehistoric appearance. Lingcod can only be caught in the Pacific Ocean along the coast from the Baja Peninsula to Southwest Alaska.

Sitka Fishing Lodges

sitka fishing lodges

Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge is one of the only Sitka fishing lodges to provide world-class, self-guided saltwater fishing, three daily meals, and cozy nightly accommodations. Our affordable rates are the icing on the cake. With self-guided fishing trips starting at just $1,195, you’ll want to book a fishing trip before it’s too late! Give us a call at 1-907-290-7030 to learn more about our breathtaking slice of Southeast Alaska.