sitka fishingWe’re itching for the upcoming Sitka fishing season to begin here at Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, the newest wilderness resort in Southeast Alaska, and we hope you are too! One of the best parts of owning and operating a self-guided fishing lodge on Middle Island in Sitka, Alaska, is the unforgettable encounters with The Last Frontier’s majestic wild animals. You’ll be able to spot wild animals in their natural habitat in the vast Sitka Sound, lush Middle Island, and nearby Halibut Point State Recreation Site. It’s a good idea to bring along your binoculars, especially if you’re a bird lover! Here are some of the animals you may spot during your getaway to breathtaking Southeast Alaska.


While we cannot guarantee that you’ll spot a humpback whale here at one of the premier Sitka fishing charters, they’re often seen feeding off-shore in Sitka Sound. Humpback, killer, gray, and minke whales call this beautiful sound their summer home. Many humpbacks actually can be seen well into autumn. Sitka Sound is slightly warmer than other surrounding bodies of water, producing more fish and small organisms, who become whale feed. So, keep your eyes peeled for whales this summer while fishing for “barn-door” halibut and saltwater salmon.

Sea Otters, Sea Lions, and Harbor Seals

sitka fishing

With a pair of binoculars, you can actually spot Stellar sea lions along the harbor from the edge of Downtown Sitka. River otters also frequent nearby Thomsen Harbor, but they’re much more difficult to find. Sitka Sound, meanwhile, has a flourishing Stellar sea lion, sea otter, and harbor seal population on various islands, including the chains to both the north and south ends of Middle Island. Self-guided fishing in Alaska is especially thrilling because you can always take a break, jet over to an island chain, and spot lounging sea lions, feeding sea otters, and perhaps a giant humpback whale.


Middle Island, as well as several other nearby bird-friendly preserves, is home to hundreds of bird species, including bald eagles, rhinoceros auklets, red-breasted sapsuckers, thrushes, scoters, marbled murrelets, black oystercatchers, and so many more! The nearby Halibut Point State Recreation Site is a great place to spot many of these beauties. To learn more about the area’s wildlife, safety tips, and directions, consult this detailed wildlife guide.

Sitka Fishing Charters

The time to start planning a trip to Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge, one of the only Southeast Alaska fishing lodges located on a secluded island, is right now as we’re nearly fully-booked for the upcoming season. We offer something truly unique here in Southeast Alaska: affordable, self-guided trips for experienced anglers with packages starting at just $1,195 per person. Browse through our Grand Opening specials to find one that perfectly aligns with your budget, or give us a call today at 1-907-290-7030.