The average workday is full of enough hustle and bustle, so vacations should be a time to recharge your battery. Alaska is the perfect place to escape reality and bask in the world’s natural beauty. When explaining to your loved ones why vacations are important, use our Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge list for help! You’ll want to come and see all that Alaska has to offer for yourself. 

Alaska is a Natural Beauty

While there are several beautiful destinations to visit around the world, Alaska is one of the few states in the U.S that has unoccupied land. Alaska is the largest state in the U.S and boasts many sites that remain unseen by humans. This uncommercialized land means you’ll breathe in the cleanest air you’ll ever encounter. 

Alaska’s Wildlife

With all of Alaska’s uncommercialized land and water, the wildlife is more active than any other place you’ve ever traveled. You could be enjoying a leisurely day of shopping, and a moose may cross your path. If there are animals out and about when you least expect it, just imagine how amazing the wildlife is when you go whale watching! The massive, whales breach left and right, almost like they’re putting on a show just for you.    

Alaskan Food

When traveling to Alaska, you’ll undoubtedly hear a lot about Sitka Alaska fishing. Either you’re planning guided fishing trips, seeing ads for Sitka fishing charters, or hearing locals say they have the best fishing in the world. For this reason, Alaska offers top of the line seafood dishes. They’re best known for their salmon, but they also have tasty crab and halibut. Alaska genuinely embodies the “farm to table” dining culture. 

Unique Alaskan Activities

If you’re an adrenaline-seeking traveler, Alaska is the vacation for you! Sign up for dog-sledding, hiking a glacier, thrilling zip-line rides, or riding in a seaplane to a secluded island. Whatever amount of thrill you’re searching for, there’s an abundance of adventurous activities waiting for you in Alaska. 

Alaskan Community

Planning a trip to an unfamiliar place can be intimidating. Therefore, locals are more than happy to help you find whatever you’re looking for. Whether that may be directions, restaurant recommendations, or snapping a quick photo, locals are genuinely kind people. 

Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge

Now that we’ve explained why vacations are important, it’s time to book your stay with Alaska’s Big Salmon Lodge. Our full-service lodge is located on the North End of Middle Island in Sitka, Alaska. We offer some of the best amenities and fishing around! We’re confident that you’ll feel right at home when staying in our lodge/cabin. Avoid missing out on this exciting opportunity and book with us today! Get started by visiting our website, or talking to our friendly staff at 907-290-7030.